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Creators Cove Help Center

  • How long do products take to ship?
    Our products ship within 5-7 business days based on the order. Some items are available for local pick-up. Either way you will receive notification when your order is ready for pick-up or has been shipped.
  • Can I change My Order?
    Orders cannot be changed or modified once they are placed. Once you place your order, the order is sent to the manufacturer for processing. In some cases if you contact support immediately, we can stop the order via refund. If the order is sent to the manufacturer, we cannot stop the order.
  • I purchased the wrong course.
    If you purchase the wrong course, you can contact support within 1 hour of purchase to have the appropriate course access provided. Refunds are not issued on courses. If the course you meant to purchase is more than the purchase course you will be required to pay the additional fees prior to gaining access.
  • My course expired, can I regain access?
    Once a course expires, you must repurchase the course to regain access.
  • How do I receive my finalized designs?
    Once your designs have been completed they are sent through email for your approval. Designs are limited to 3 revisions unless otherwise stated by the seller.
  • Can I choose my designer?
    In most case you are not able to choose a designer. Our system was built to distribute work to the designer who is available. However, if you have a preference for a specific designer, you can subscribe to the designer and open up a custom experience where all orders you make goes to your designated design team. We offer three tiers of designers. Junior Designers have 1 years experience and are good enough to produce an affordable design. Advanced Designers have 1-3 years experience and provide quality designs. Pro Designers have 3+ years of experience and create designs that translate into sales to include copy writing. The price is more, but the benefits are too!
  • Should I Contact Designers Directly?
    All orders should be made using the platform if you want protection for your orders. When you order through our platform we ensure you get what you paid for. This means the designers are contacted to perform the work and if they fall short we have someone on standby to complete the order. We want to make sure you always win! Help us do that by keeping purchases on the platform.
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